Our services

We provide our clients, whatever their size and nature, with tailor-made support, while respecting their extra-financial, regulatory and accounting constraints. Our proprietary research and our ongoing commitment to innovation are key differentiators.



Amadeis guides its clients through every step of their decision-making process

Auditing & analysis

  • Portfolio auditing
  • Cost analysis
  • Compliance
  • Drafting of financial regulations and corporate governance guidelines


  • Objective/constraints definition
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Portfolio structuring
  • Responsible investment considerations


  • Selecting funds and asset managers
  • Selecting depositaries and custodians
  • Bespoke investment solutions proposals
  • Due diligence on funds and asset managers


  • Tactical asset allocation
  • Financial committee participation and support
  • Reporting and risk monitoring
  • Training

Knowing our clients and having an in-depth understanding of their individual characteristics allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to meet their needs.

We thus address specific issues for each client type, such as:

Foundations, Endowments, Associations

Generate stable and lasting financial income in a low interest rate environment and within the framework of a strict risk budget (level of asset liquidity, risk of capital loss, etc.).

Select financial and real estate investment products to diversify your sources of income, in line with the values ​​of your institution (e.g.: impact or thematic investments).

Access portfolio and financial markets monitoring tools that are adapted to your needs in order to effectively control the associated risks.

Corporates - Employee / Retirement savings

Optimize existing systems in the context of regulatory changes and growing supply from asset managers.

Monitor investments by setting up dedicated reporting and coordinating supervisory boards.

Train and support your teams: human resources and finance departments, supervisory boards, etc.

Life & mutual insurance companies, pension and provident funds

Optimize the strategic allocation of your reserves within a wide range of asset classes by integrating your specific constraints.

Source and conduct in-depth due diligence on complex financial and real estate products.

Organize Request for Proposal (RFP) processes for the setup of mandates or dedicated funds.

Evaluate the financial management system of your reserves: global audit, assessment of past performance / risk, optimization of costs, analysis of the extra-financial scope, etc.

Centre français des Fonds et Fondations
Amadeis is a partner of the Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations


Research is at the heart of our expertise. We devote significant human and financial resources to conduct strategic studies, market analyses and assessments of market players and their products.

Asset managers & funds
Financial markets
Trends & best practices
Amadeis devotes considerable means and resources to researching asset managers and their funds.

Amadeis Database Asset Management

Each year, all the consultants in the team organize more than 400 interviews with French and international asset managers. Their analyses and opinions are formalized and stored in our proprietary database, ADAM. This qualitative information is supplemented by quantitative data made up of proprietary peer groups that cover more than 120 asset classes. These universes make it possible to analyse the financial characteristics of products and to benchmark them against comparables.

Focus on "asset manager and fund due diligence": analysis of private equity funds
Identification of opportunities
Preliminary analysis
Exhaustive due diligence and on-site visit
Monitoring and reporting
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Amadeis supports its clients in monitoring their strategic and tactical asset allocations.

Based on our in-house research and privileged access to insight from major financial institutions, we produce our own macroeconomic research and define market scenarios that underpin our views on the main asset classes.

Amadeis carries out surveys and strategic studies on various subjects relating to institutional asset management.

Asset managers ranking

Drawing on the opinions expressed by major institutional investors, this annual survey presents:

  • Insight into the trends of the French institutional market as well as an analysis of investor behaviour and expectations for the coming months,
  • Ranking of asset managers by asset class and by type of investor, thus identifying the most popular market players.

Institutional RFP tracking reports

Each quarter, this study presents market news and the main trends in institutional RFP.

The report provides value-added information on the activity of French institutional investors in the selection of asset managers and funds.

The results are notably detailed by type of institution and by asset class.

Institutional management fees report

This study presents the fees charged on the French market by a representative group of asset managers, specialists or generalists, French or foreign.

Produced biannually, the report makes it possible to analyse market practices and trends, and to know precisely the pricing practiced on the market for around fifty asset classes at different levels of assets under management.

Financial management of foundations and endowments

Thanks to its partnership with the CFF (Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations) and to a large number of foundations among its clients, Amadeis has in-depth knowledge of non-profit organizations.

This study presents the main characteristics of this category of investors, whose reserves are constantly growing.


Whether it is financial markets, institutions and their products, the regulatory framework or extra-financial approaches, our environment is constantly evolving. In order to keep up with these changes, we must constantly adapt the way we work and be innovative.


Creation of Amadeis


1st edition of the “Asset Managers Ranking” survey


1st edition of the “Institutional management fees” report


1st edition of the “Institutional RFP tracking” report


1st edition of the “Responsible Investor Award”


Amadeis becomes a signatory of the UNPRI


Launch of ADAM, a proprietary tool and database on funds and asset managers


1st edition of the study on “Financial management of foundations and endowments” in partnership with the CFF (Center Français de Fondations)


Launch of a series of breakfast conferences on real estate


Creation of the largest French impact investing fund alongside the Fondation de France