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Amadeis offers a full range of tailor-made services to solve the challenges its clients face in terms of financial, real estate and impact investments.

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We carry out proprietary research on financial markets, institutions, and funds. It forms the basis of our expertise and is an integral part of our identity.


We work with dozens of clients who have very different objectives, constraints, and regulations. We provide each of them with solutions that specifically meet their needs.


We help promote responsible investment within the financial community and support our clients in defining and implementing strategies that give meaning to their investments.


Our clients are long-term investors with whom we foster long-lasting relationships, allowing us to implement approaches that are suited to their investment horizon.


We provide our clients with a global service, covering their different needs (analysis, strategy, implementation and monitoring) across all asset classes (listed or unlisted), all geographic areas and all types of investment vehicles.

Our services

Our principles

Our success is rooted in the principles and values ​​that engage our consultants each day:

  • Trust: maintain regular and constructive exchanges with our clients, assert our ideas while accepting to question certain convictions.
  • Efficiency: generate concrete results for our clients, via a pragmatic approach that effectively transforms decisions into actions.
  • Responsibility: share a number of values with our clients ​​to make their investments part of a balanced economic, social and environmental development.

To ensure total alignment of interest with our clients, we only have one business, consulting. We therefore have no subsidiaries or holdings and Amadeis is fully owned by its founders and employees. In addition, Amadeis does not have any significant equity or commercial relationship with financial institutions.


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Amadeis counts among its clients French institutional investors of various types: Endowments and Foundations, Pension funds, Corporates, Insurance companies...

Our clients' assets range from a few million to several billion euros.

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